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A global collaboration: The Indian Heart Association and American Heart Association


Welcome to the new era of global collaboration: American Heart Association & Indian Heart Association unite. The Indian Heart Association invites you to join them on their journey towards a new chapter of heart healthy living this 2015-2016 year.

The American Heart Association has been a model of collaboration between physicians, public health experts, and passionate volunteers. They serve as an inspiration for the Indian Heart Association. Cardiologist Dr. Ankur Kalra is one such example. Dr. Kalra has performed innovative research in outpatient cardiovascular disease care in India and his work was recently published in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA). The Indian Heart Association is happy to partner with physicians such as Dr. Kalra in the future.

Texas is home to one of the largest South Asian populations in the U.S, and American Heart Association’s headquarters in Dallas makes the region a prime location for targeted interventions for the South Asian community. During our upcoming Dallas trip, the Indian Heart Association looks forward to meeting with Professor Kathryn Taubert, Vice President of Global Strategies & Senior Science Officer; John Meiners, Executive Vice President of ECC and International Strategies; Diana McGhie, Global Advocacy Manager, and the rest of the American Heart Association leadership team to continue our collaboration on targeted cardiac disease interventions for the South Asian community in the U.S and abroad.